Weapon Flashlight

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Weapon Flashlight
Weapon Flashlight
Weapon flashlight
Shortname: weapon.mod.flashlight
Type: Attachment
Stack Size: 1
Weapon Stats
Recoil: No statistics
Spread: No statistics
Craftable: Yes
Time to Craft: 30s
High Quality Metal.pngHigh Quality Metal.png

The Weapon Flashlight is a weapon attachment, able to be attached to eligible weapons. To use it, the user presses their attachment function key (default F), and a bright cone of light will emit from underneath the barrel of their weapon. Light is useful for being able to see in the dark or blinding other players if close enough.


In able to craft the Weapon Flashlight, you need the following ingredients:

  • It takes 30 seconds to craft one Weapon Flashlight.
Image Name Amount
High Quality Metal.png High quality metal 3

Compatible Weapons

  • There are in total of 13 weapons which are compatible with the Weapon Flashlight.
Assault Rifle.png AK47
Bolt Action Rifle.png Bolt Action Rifle
Custom SMG.png Custom SMG
Double Barrel Shotgun.png Double Barrel Shotgun
LR-300 Assault Rifle.png LR-300 Assault Rifle
M249.png M249
M92 Pistol.png M92 Pistol
MP5A4.png MP5A4
Pump Shotgun.png Pump Shotgun
Python Revolver.png Python Revolver
Semi-Automatic Pistol.png Semi-Automatic Pistol
Semi-Automatic Rifle.png Semi-Automatic Rifle
Thompson.png Thompson
Waterpipe Shotgun.png Waterpipe Shotgun


  • It can not be mounted on the revolver.
  • The Flashlight weapon mod originates from Legacy Rust.
  • This weapon mod is mounted below the barrel of the gun, so it is not possible to equip both a Weapon Lasersight and a Weapon Flashlight simultaneously on the same weapon.
  • This weapon mod will gradually lower your weapons health