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Key Lock
Key Lock

The Key Lock is a placeable item in the Experimental version (now current) of Rust. It is placed on a door to help prevent other players from gaining access to your building. Unlike the Code Lock, it uses Door Keys to unlock, but it is deployed similarly and it can be placed on any level door. Locks can be used on other items such as the Tool Cupboard (Dev Blog 159) and storage items such as the Large Wood Box. It is not recommended to use a lock when you can afford to make a code lock as if the key to the lock is lost you cannot access the door. The key can also be taken by any player to gain access the door. From Dev Blog 193 any player that places a key lock can open it without the key being carried. Keys remain useful for giving friends access to doors. The key can be either in the hot bar or in the inventory and to unlock the door 'E' must be held and 'Unlock Door' should be selected. In the unlocked state additional Door Keys can be crafted or the lock can be removed.


The Lock can be crafted with:


  • It takes 30 seconds to craft one Lock.
  • Once a lock is removed, all keys become invalid, even if lock is placed again.
  • A working Door Key must be in players inventory to craft additional copies of keys.