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Auto Turret Electrical
Auto Turret
This automated electric sentry turret will engage and neutralize any moving targets it has line of sight to. You must load it with standard 5.56 ammunition. Note : The turret will search for targets in a 180 degree arc facing *you* when you place it. Requires 10 power.
Auto Turret
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Time to Craft
60 s
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The Auto Turret is a turret that automatically detects targets and engages them via bullet fire. It is intended to be used for base defense, but can be used for other purposes. To make sure the Auto Turret cannot be placed on a hill to clear out the entire landscape, the Auto Turret has weaknesses that go along with its strengths.

The turret can only fire at targets if there is a clear line of sight, and the target is not authorized in the Auto Turret's safe target list. The target must also be within its range and in the frontal 180 degrees of the turret. The Auto Turret must also be loaded with ammo.


The Auto Turret has an extensive list of actions. Like other items/deployables, hold the use button (default "E") to open up the complete menu of actions you can do:

Open: Opens the inventory screen of the Auto Turret. You automatically go into this screen when pressing the use button normally.

Enable/Disable: Activates/deactivates the turret. When activated the turret will automatically engage targets following the above conditions, and disabling the turret renders it unable to engage enemies.

Authorize/Deauthorize: "Authorizing" yourself puts you on a list of people the turret will not shoot on sight. Deauthorizing yourself does the exact opposite so be careful NOT to deauthorize your self, or else the turret will fire at you! Anyone can do this, not just the builder so be careful.

Clear Authorized List: Clears the said list above of all names, including your own. The turret will now fire at any and all people present within its range until they are authorized again.

Peacekeeper Mode: When enabled the Auto Turret will only target players within its range that have weapons out or that are causing trouble by shooting/attacking other nearby players. This is useful for setting up safe havens for people and encouraging non-PvP/non-KOS gameplay within a busy area. An Auto Turret in Peacekeeper mode can be identified by its green, rather than the standard red, targeting laser.


  • The Auto Turret can automatically engage enemies without any player intervention.
  • The Auto Turret is a fairly reliable way of defending your base, especially when you are away.
  • The Auto Turret can fight enemies regardless of the time of day or light level.
  • The Auto Turret currently does not require any external source of power. (This is expected to change in the coming months)
  • The turret can fire through windows, prison gates, prison walls, half walls, and possibly other creative setups.


  • The Auto Turret has a short range, only 20 to 30 meters. This is around 10 square foundations length. This can be an issue in flat or barren landscapes.
  • The Auto Turret has a 360 degree firing capability, but it can only detect enemies in a 180 degree radius in front of it. The way the turret is facing can be switched after placed in the turret's use menu.
  • However: If an individual fires at the rear of the turret (outside of its initial 180 degree visibility), it will be able to attack that person, but only if they fire at it first.
  • The Auto Turret may have 1000 health, but it is highly susceptible to melee. One Hatchet swing, for example, will typically do 20 damage.
  • The Auto Turret burns through ammo extremely quickly, and it will often waste ammo attempting to shoot people if they are half-hiding behind certain objects. This makes it possible for the raiders to just wait for the turret * to run out of ammo (if it's placed in a poor location) so they can walk by it.
  • The Auto Turret's shots lag behind the target it is tracking and it is possible for a player to waste the ammo in an Auto Turret by running circles around it.


The following are the damage each round of the weapon deals

High Velocity Rocket

  • 187.4 Damage (63 HP after 5 Rockets)


  • 312.5 Damage (63 HP after 3 Rockets)

Incendiary Rocket

  • Depending on fire spread: 500-1000 Damage

Bolt Action Rifle

  • Silenced: 5 Damage
  • Un-Silenced: 7 Damage
  • Explosive, Un-Silenced: 12 Damage

Semi-Auto Rifle

  • Silenced: 3 Damage
  • Un-Silenced: 4 Damage
  • Explosive, Un-Silenced: 6 Damage

Assault Rifle Silenced: 4 Damage Un-Silenced: 5 Damage Explosive, Un-Silenced: 8 Damage


Sound Sound Description Sound Name
▶️ Autoturret Ambient Loop autoturret-ambient-loop
▶️▶️▶️ Autoturret Camera Focus autoturret-camera-focus
▶️ Autoturret Deploy autoturret-deploy
▶️ Autoturret Open autoturret-open
▶️ Autoturret Close autoturret-close
▶️ Autoturret Turn On autoturret-turn-on
▶️ Autoturret Turn Off autoturret-turn-off
▶️ Autoturret Target Acquired autoturret-target-acquired
▶️ Autoturret Target Lost autoturret-target-lost
▶️▶️▶️ Autoturret Movement Click autoturret-movement-click
▶️ Autoturret Movement Loop autoturret-movement-loop


  • The Auto Turret can hold a maximum of 1536 5.56 Rifle Ammo in its storage.
  • The Auto Turret can ONLY use normal 5.56 Rifle Ammo. HV, Incendiary & Explosive 5.56 will NOT work.
  • The Auto Turret has 1000 health.
  • Even though the model shows an AK-47, you do not need the components for the AK-47 in order to make the Auto Turret.
  • The recent devblog has added that you can now pickup turrets as well. This can be achieved by right clicking the Auto Turret while holding a Hammer. Note that the player must be authorized on the turret in order to do so.